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Carlton Blues best SuperCoach choices for 2017

Written by Bryce Whitney (@AFLBryce) on 05 April 2017

The best Carlton Blues players are typically floating about in SuperCoach backlines. Reason being; the ball is always in Carlton's backline. However, The Blues present some very useful players in other positions that we could use to our benefit. I'm going to reveal the best selections for each SuperCoach salary bracket. 


Patrick Cripps - $585k | MID

You'd be hard pressed to find a Carlton fan that doesn't have Cripps as their favourite player. He is a contested juggernaut, and his height compares to some of the best tall forwards in the game. He finished season 2016 with a SuperCoach average of 107.6 in 21 games. He led the AFL in clearances and averaged close to 17 contested possessions a game. Can he do it again? The short answer is yes. Last year was clearly his breakout year, and after a slow start, he is going to fall in price over the next few rounds. The lower price will make him a great post-bye upgrade target if you’re looking for someone to go 110+ in your midfield until the season's end.

Marc Murphy - $432k | MID

Some people forget just how good Marc Murphy has been in the past. From 2009 he averaged 110+ for four straight seasons, which included a full season averaging 118. In recent years he has been unreliable and only managed to conjure 79.5 last season, hence the price. People seem to think Marc Murphy is constantly injured, but if you look at the numbers since his rookie year, he’s had two seasons where he played fewer than 16 games. He did only play ten games last season but has had one of his best preseasons of his career which shows in his two scores of 138 and 130. At 432k, you would be mad not to consider him.

Kade Simpson - $578k | DEF

A breakout SuperCoach year at the age of 31 isn’t something you generally see transpire. Simpson averaged between 92 and 99 for seven straight seasons, and in that time he missed a grand total of three games. Last year saw him in some of the best form of his career, rewarding the small number of coaches that started him. He went on to average 106 for the year and finished as one of the season’s best defensive selections. His elevated price is due to his incredible last season, so it’s a good move to target Simpson if his price drops down after a few bad scores.

Sam Docherty - $591k | DEF

Another premium defender from Carlton that thrives from the ball being down there a lot. Docherty provides an incredible run off halfback, and his SuperCoach points come purely because of how well he plays his role in the team. As the highest priced defender of 2017, Docherty has continued his excellent form averaging 107 over the first two games. 23% of coaches currently have Docherty in their squad, and if you want to be part of the 77% that gets hurt by his scoring week in and week out it’s at your own peril.


Matthew Kreuzer - $398k | RUC

Are you an owner of Goldstein? Do you already have Nankervis and Witts? Kreuzer could be the ruckman you’re looking for if you want to make some cash and own a player that has averaged 97 in the past. Yes, there are always going to be injury problems with Kreuzer, but his price is relevant to the risk you’re taking. Right now, Krooooo has a breakeven of 37. If he continues his current form, he will be close to 500k by season's end.

Lachie Plowman - $310k | DEF

Mr. Plow is another fantastic GWS recruit (thanks, SOS). At 22-years old we haven’t seen Plowman put together a strong season just yet, but having started this season with 103 and 80 in two losses, we may be seeing the beginning of a breakout season. If you are looking to take a risk in your backline, Plowman is someone you can consider. His price is about to rise to around 350k and will continue up from there if he continues his average of 91. To put it in perspective, if Plowman is averaging this at the byes, he will be around 470k. Plowman has the potential to be a keeper defender, and provide cash generation of $160k.

Matthew Wright - $462k | FWD

Wright has started off the year on fire, scoring 94 and 112. He had his best SuperCoach scoring average last season after moving to Adelaide from the Blues. The reasoning for his mention in this piece is because unlike other premiums here, he is a forward, and a forward with great consistency. Last season Wright only scored sub-80 on three occasions through the first 15 rounds. He is one of the biggest points of difference you can choose in your squad, with only 0.3% ownership. If you like a player that doesn’t have a high ceiling but will give you a decent score each week, take a look at Matthew Wright.

Cash Cows

Caleb Marchbank - $236k | DEF

Jumping on this guy before round 3 is a necessity. 42% of the league currently owns him, so you would be taking a huge risk if you don’t have him. The former GWS defender has been given the role of Jacob Weitering who has moved forward, so his job security is rock solid. Watching Marchbank take those vital intercept marks is a joy, and he will be a valuable cash generation source.

Sam Petrevski-Seton - $189k | MID

For some reason, the footy commentators love the rat-tail on SPS. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis thing. I'll give credit where its due with SPS, he’s going to be a gun midfielder and will get plenty of opportunity at the Blues. He was one of the higher priced rookies, but they’ve been the way to go this year while the pickings are slim. Pretrevski-Seton is only sitting on an average of 55 points, but if he is to improve his kicking efficiency (46% last match), he will be able to score 70 with ease and make us decent cash before the byes.