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Thank you, Josh Gibson. Thank you, North Melbourne.

Written by David Nash (@dkn17) on 19 August 2017

Congratulations, Gibbo!

Thank you for everything you gave for the Hawks. The blood, the sweat and the tears. All of which you left on the field in your 160 games in the brown and gold. 

225 games total for both North Melbourne and Hawthorn, three premierships, two best & fairest medals and one All-Australian appearance. 

With plenty of tributes flowing through for Josh Gibson after his retirement announcement earlier in the week, expanding on the above list of achievements has well and truly been taken care of. Here's a good one

Instead, let's take a look at another aspect of the recent history between the two clubs that Gibson brings together. The trade table.

Gibson's trade to the Hawks from the Roos in 2009 spearheads half a dozen direct deals between the two clubs since 2004. The results for Hawthorn are simply outstanding. While not all the direct fault of North Melbourne, Hawthorn sure has luck on it's side when it decides to do a deal with the Kangaroos. 

Is the Gibbo trade the best of the bunch? 

2004 - Nathan Thompson for Pick 10 & Pick 26

Hawthorn end up with: Jordan Lewis, Bo Nixon & Matthew Little

When Alastair Clarkson and Co arrived after the 2004 season, it was established early on that the Hawks needed to rebuild by clearing out the older brigade and trading some experienced talent on the list for youth. Enter, Nathan Thompson. The Roos gave up Pick 10 in the upcoming draft, as well as Pick 26, in return for the veteran forward. 

The Hawks didn't stop there though. They then on-traded Pick 10 (Chris Egan) and their own Pick 37 to Collingwood, with Pick 7 and Bo Nixon coming the Hawks way. The result was Hawthorn picking Jordan Lewis at number 7, to add to their first two picks of none other than Jarryd Roughead and Buddy Franklin. Matthew Little was chosen with the other pick secured in the Thompson trade and Hawthorn walked away from the 2004 draft with Roughead, Franklin, Lewis, Little plus Thomas Murphy and Simon Taylor. 

Did You Know? Hawthorn's Pick 37 was moved again by Collingwood to West Coast for Chad Morrison. Eventually, the Eagles drafted none other than Mark LeCras with the Hawks original pick. 

2005 - Jonathan Hay for Pick 18

Hawthorn end up with: Max Bailey

After Clarkson's inaugural season, a similar approach was taken in the upcoming trade period and Hawthorn once again knocked on the Kangaroos door. The Roos wanted a backmen this time to pair up with Thompson, who was playing quite well in a dual role up forward and pinch hitting in the ruck. Jonathan Hay was traded to North for Pick 18. 

Hawthorn took that pick to the draft and drafted the cult figure that became Max Bailey. It wasn't quite the haul of '04 but the Hawks walked away from the '05 draft with Bailey as well as Xavier Ellis, Beau Dowler, Grant Birchall, Beau Muston and Travis Tuck. Plus Brent Guerra, Stephen Gilham and Ben McGlynn from other off-season activities. While things didn't always go to plan, Bailey's career certainly outlasted Hay's, who retired shortly after joining the Roos due to a number of mental and physical struggles. 

Did You Know?  Bailey's career had plenty of ups and downs, with knee injuries almost hi-jacking it completely before a Premiership appearance in 2013 for the Hawks. After retiring he travelled to Tanzania as a volunteer. Watch below. Part Two here.

2009 - Pick 25 & Pick 41 for Josh Gibson & Pick 69

Hawthorn end up with: Josh Gibson & Taylor Duryea

The big one! It took four years for the Kangaroos to get over the previous two deals, before they traded with the Hawks again. This time Josh Gibson requested a fresh start and was courted by Hawthorn after playing so well on Franklin every time they matched up. The Roos drove a hard bargain but eventually parted with Gibson and Pick 69 for Pick 25 and Pick 41 from the Hawks. 

Hawthorn got the man they were after and North Melbourne went on to draft Aaron Black and Ayden Kennedy with their selections. The cherry on top for the Hawks was managing to snare Taylor Duryea with the pick that came with Gibson. Black, now at Geelong, managed 50 games while Kennedy never played for the Kangaroos, compared to 259 between Gibson and Duryea. 

Did You Know? Taylor Duryea will play his 100th game for the Hawks this week. Drafted in 2009, he joined the club with other key draftees that year being Ben Stratton (Pick 46) and Matthew Suckling (Pick 70 - Rookie Elevation).

2010 - Compensation Pick & Pick 71 for David Hale & Pick 52

Hawthorn end up with: David Hale, Paul Puopolo & Kyle Cheney

Hawthorn weren't done poaching ex-Roos in 2009, with David Hale the target after the 2010 season. Much like Gibson, Hale was lured with the promise to play a much more desired role in the ruck. Which he got, plus three flags. After receiving a compensation pick for losing Campbell Brown to the Suns, Hawthorn traded it plus Pick 71 to North for Hale and Pick 52. 

The Hawks kept dealing after that, moving the pick they received in the deal to Melbourne. Kyle Cheney and Pick 66 came Hawthorn's way for the Pick 52 to the Dees, where they nabbed Tom McDonald. At Pick 66 the Hawks drafted little known South Australian, Paul Puopolo, and the rest is history. For their part, the Kangaroos drafted Kieran Harper (40 games) and Ben Mabon (0 games).

Did You Know? Kyle Cheney played 4 seasons for the Hawks before being traded to the Crows with Luke Lowden. Several draft picks also changed hands, which ultimately moved Hawthorn up to Pick 31. The selection? Daniel Howe. 

2011 - Will Sierakowski for Pick 58

Hawthorn end up with: Jarrad Boumann

Without doubt the least significant trade between the two teams, was the one that followed Hale and Gibson in 2011. Will Sierakowski left the Hawks to try get more game time in the Kangaroos backline. Ultimately he wound up playing seven games and left the club soon after. Thankfully for the Roos, the cost was not great this time around and the Hawks got little in return. 

Despite trading the Pick 58 they received again, the Hawks wound up with Jarrad Boumann at Pick 56 after a string of convoluted trades with Fremantle and GWS. While Boumann did not go on to have a successful career for the Hawks, not all was lost from the 2011 offseason. The Hawks managed to walk away with Jack Gunston (trade), Bradley Hill (Pick 33) and Luke Bruest (Pick 77- Rookie Elevation) at the net cost of Brent Renouf, Jordan Lisle and some draft picks. 

Did You Know? New Hawk, Tom Mitchell, was drafted by Sydney at Pick 21 in the same '11 draft. He eventually cost the Hawks Pick 14 in 2016 and after trading away most of their picks, Hawthorn first took a player at Pick 74. Harry Morrison. 

2015 - Jed Anderson, Pick 38 & Pick 40 for Pick 15 & Pick 55

Hawthorn end up with: Ryan Burton & Blake Hardwick

As mentioned numerous times above, the Hawks have done very well at offloading players who seek out more opportunity elsewhere and not having it come back to haunt them very often. In fact, they often do very well out of the return. On top of Cheney, Lowden, Sierakowski, Renouf and Lisle, there is also the likes of Xavier Ellis, Matthew Suckling and Clinton Young who made moves in Free Agency plus Mitch Hallahan and Jed Anderson who requested trades. 

Anderson was highly thought of at Hawthorn. His frustration at a lack of senior football was largely unwarranted though, due to the strength of the side and injury often ruling him out when there was an opening. The Hawks approved his request to move and once again sent him packing to the Kangaroos. The major prize for the Hawks was Pick 15, which became Pick 19 and turned into Ryan Burton. Hawthorn also gave up a couple of higher picks in the deal, in exchange for Pick 55 which they then packaged with their own Pick 58 to jump back up to Pick 48 thanks to GWS. That pick became Blake Hardwick. 

Did You Know? Despite cutting his teeth in the backline for the Hawks, Blake Hardwick played the majority of his junior footy as a forward. He lead the TAC Cup in goals in 2015 with 56, including bags of twelve, ten and eight.  

It's safe to say that Josh Gibson has been the top prize from the recent dealings between North Melbourne and Hawthorn at the trade table. Since 2004, he is certainly the best direct result from trades between the two sides and walks away with a long list of achievements in his twelve year career. 

However, the question does remain; will his trade remain the best in another twelve years time? 

Ryan Burton and Blake Hardwick might have something to say about that. Only two years into their young careers, the young duo could knock Gibson off the top spot when things are all said and done. 

For now, we have to look back on Gibbo's career with fondness and look forward to the next crop of Hawks that give us hope. We have North Melbourne to thank for both, plus a whole lot in between.